FulcrumAir patrol

The Alternative to Manned Aerial Patrols

Drone Powerline Inspections

FulcrumAir Patrol replaces manned aerial patrol programs and requires no software suites or gigantic data files and storage; FulcrumAir Patrol simplifies these programs with faster results. We achieve these results using a FulcrumAir UAS (drone) that collects the asset information. A qualified lineman will then review the data and deliver a detailed report on the asset identifying any anomalies or points of interest. By using automated flight planning, patrol programs are quick and repeatable, which provides a collection of historical comparisons and aids in preplanning asset management. FulcrumAir Patrol reduces risk, delivers a useable product, significantly reduces costs, and is an important tool for regular maintenance planning to protect the reliability of your assets. All robotic and UAS systems used are designed and engineered in North America and meet the security requirements of the largest North American utilities.

Gather High-Resolution Images

FulcrumAir Patrol UAS gathers high-resolution images of all structures, lines, and right of way using the latest in camera technology.

Generate List of Deficiencies

The collected images are interpreted and categorized by experienced linemen at a computer, rather than in the air, and a detailed report is delivered to your specifications.

Recommend Action Items

Create a more simplified and useable database to easily assess, monitor, and plan asset management and maintenance.