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Future Robotics

Where We're Heading

FulcrumAir sees a future where many of the tasks performed in a high wire environment will be done with robotic tools. We partner with major component manufacturers to develop robot installation methods for some of the most commonly used fittings in the industry. Development is underway and new robotic tools will be introduced in the second half of 2022. Additional robotic tools are in the early planning stages – these tools will have applicability for maintenance of the existing network and for new builds.

Important to the solution is the ability to place the robotic tools where they are needed. This is accomplished through FulcrumAir’s proprietary swing stabilization technology, allowing us to operate in high winds with precision placement and control.

All the design and engineering work is done in Calgary, Canada by our engineers. To date, we have invested over 25,000 hours into research, design, engineering, testing and evaluation. This work is continuing at an accelerated pace.


Reduce Cost

Our robots dramatically reduce the need for manned aircraft, including helicopters. Not only does this increase safety, but it also significantly reduces the overall cost of operations.

Reach Anywhere

High wire environments present a number of safety risks to linemen, but there are also some sections that have previously been inaccessible. Our robots bring everything within reach.

Improve Quality

We’re committed to high-quality engineering. Our robots are the crowning jewels of Fulcrum’s capabilities, engineered for ensuring safety and precision in the powerline industry.

Maintain Safety

Our robots and UASs are unmanned and remotely controlled, making them much safer than manned helicopters. Keep your linemen out of harm’s way and reduce risks and liability.

The Future Is Now