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Big Data Projects

Turn Your Existing Data Into Something That Can Help Improve Marketing, Drive More Sales, And Keep You Ahead Of The Game

All businesses collect, store, and utilize data for different reasons and purposes. However, there is a big challenge; most of them are not able to convert that data into a tangible tool that can be used for marketing. This is where our big data technology comes in. Through this system, we are able to help small businesses take advantage of the data bank they already have, to map out a dynamic marketing strategy that will attract more customers and boost sales. We offer a collaborative data science service with a team of data scientists and engineers ready to create a customizable visual interface. We prepare and enrich your data, create models, predict, deploy and run campaigns.

Our big data service is designed to accommodate both large companies and small businesses. It keeps our clients ahead of the game so they can turn their information quantity into quality data that deliver results at high speed. We also make use of big data in intelligent content-aware video advertising and email marketing.


Web Design & Development

Our Team of Expert Web Design and Development Are Ready To Help You Build a Site That Drives Traffic

Your website is like your office on the web. But unlike your brick and mortar location, this one is virtual; providing you with the opportunity to make business contacts anywhere in the world. A poorly built website will make you lose so much by delivering an incompetent experience that drives away traffic. People have very little time to spend on the internet the best thing to do is to find ways to help them not to waste it. At TechSynergy, we provide our customers with the very best of web development and design that promotes their brand, attract an audience, drive traffic, and convert online visitors into sales.

Not all web development and design are great. We have experts who have been in the business for many years and are ready to provide you with all the benefits you need to succeed in your business. Our designer and developers make use of the best tools and design capability to ensure that you get the best results that will transform your business overnight. Our web creation service takes advantage of a unique approach to present a highly dynamic view of your business to the world, so they can easily connect with you.



Your Brand Is Everything To Your Business. We Help Our Clients Create Everything They Need To Establish an Identifiable and Visible Business

Your business name and identity is everything. As an entrepreneur, people should be able to recognize your business from afar and set you apart. Your business should have identifiable traits, symbols, and colors that people can quickly identify and that sets you apart. We offer a complete branding service with creativity and capacity, to help you push your business to the presence of those who would appreciate it. We try to understand your unique proposition and help embed it into your branding materials to help you deliver the kind of image that will resonate with your client demographics.

In today’s business environment branding is becoming more important than ever before. We can confidently say that we are in the age of small businesses where people are tired of spending the best part of their lives working for the big corporation instead of in their own businesses. So, you have many people doing the same thing and you need to differentiate yourself and come out very unique. TechSynergy will provide you create a business image of quality, experience, reliability, recognition, royalty, and style. We make sure that you get everything you need to be able to stand out in your industry and attract even more leads to your business.


Custom Portal or App Development

Create Your Own App to Engage Your Customers and Fans without Any Restrictions

Smartphones have taken over the world. Most people now use their smartphone to do so many things including purchasing goods and service on online stores, communicating, and making and sharing high-quality videos. TechSynergy has an in-depth understanding of the impact of custom portal and app development on users. So why should you have an app for your business? How does it improve customer engagement and marketing to boost sales?

Our app and custom portal development is one of the most important aspects of our services. We help your company create these portals so you can focus on your core customers and engage them accordingly. They help eliminate distractions; make it easy to organize and launch reward programs, promotions, and campaigns; and help you easily attend to their complaints and needs. With a custom portal, you have the power to create your own community of clients, nurture them, and get their full attention. You will also be able to save plenty of money in your marketing since you already have the people you want to target with your ideas and creativity.



Sell Your Products Online Using Our Highly Effective Ecommerce Site Creation Strategy That Is Fully Functional And Responsive

The world is now embracing e-commerce more than ever. More businesses now have an online store where customers can order directly for their products and get it delivered directly to their doorstep. TechSynergy offers highly responsive e-commerce store creation for any type of business or merchandise. We have a team of software engineers and programmers who have a deep understanding of setting up an online store and implementing all the essential plugins and applications that are necessary for ensuring that the platform works as it should.

Our e-commerce stores are fully automated, from product listing to categories, and from shopping cart to product ordering, payment, delivery, and logistics. We employ the very best of e-commerce attributes that ensure that customers easily find what they are looking for, shop for it, and make payment easily. Our e-commerce site is built to satisfy the principles of user experience so that visitors can easily find the right information and purchase their desired products. We also make sure that your e-commerce site exhibits:

  • Solid on-site search functionality
  • Well-designed information architecture
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Clearly and precisely labeled pages and categories
  • Information prioritization
  • Excellent copywriting
  • Clear and professional product images
  • Visible support options

Frontend & Backend Development

Get A Fully Functional Site That Has Everything You Need To Attract Visitors, Increase Sales, And Improve Your Image

Most websites have two ends; the frontend and the backend. These parts of the website are what makes them function the way they do so that visitors don’t have trouble accessing information. TechSynergy specializes in frontend as well as backend development. We have frontend developers who have many years of expertise in programming languages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Their expertise helps you determine the best colors, background, site architecture, interface, and layout to create the best and functional website.

Our backend programmers also have expertise in PHP, Java, Python, Ruby etc., which they use for developing the backend of websites to ensure that it functions properly. Our charges are very reasonable and we make sure that you get the very best of what you desire.


Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM

We Help You Take Advantage of All the Digital Marketing Tools Available To Drive Traffic to Your Website and Remain Competitive

The world is going digital. Within a few years, almost everything you need or want will be available on the web. One of the most interesting aspects of the digital world is the capacity of digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing; it is scalable, less expensive, and offer you multiple approaches through diverse platforms. TechSynergy offers a robust digital marketing service to help our customer take advantage of all the tools and resources available in the digital sphere. Our approach is highly effective in delivering results for our clients with very little investment.

Our digital marketing service includes Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We help our customers meet search engine standards; on content creation and other parameters, so they can appear on the first page of Google search for relevant keywords. This organic traffic generation method is essential for any business that desires to get traffic from online sources.

We also offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where we help our clients increase their visibility in their search engine results pages (SERPs). Our SEM advertising helps our customers increase visibility, promote brand awareness; and target adverts based on locations, languages, and those who have interest in you. We also offer Social Media Marketing (SMM) services, where we help our clients take full advantage of social media traffic, engagement, and everything that comes with it. With this service, you have unlimited opportunity to increase traffic and improve your customer satisfaction.


Social Media Strategy

With Billions Of People Logging Into Their Social Media Accounts Every Day, You Can’t Afford Not To Be Present

Out of the 7.5 billion people in the world, 3.1 billion of them are active on social media. What this means is that if your business is not present on social media, you will be losing so much to your competitors; because they will always be there taking advantage of everything. We offer you research-backed social media marketing strategy that puts your business right in front of the people who desire your services and products. We provide every one of our customers with a personalized social media marketing plan where we:

  • Audit your current plan
  • Document your ideal customers (age, location, income etc.)
  • Identify essential success metrics
  • Curate and publish engaging and relevant content
  • Integrate the best social media marketing tools,
  • Track, analyze, and optimize

At TechSynergy we help you implement the most effective social media marketing strategy that delivers the best results. Our strategy help customers create a unique identity on social media, connect with their audience, tell your brand story, gather important data, build customer loyalty, and make it easy to deliver customer service. We take a different approach for every customer and ensure that you have the best results you could possibly have.


PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Create A Buzz, Drive Attention, And Display Your Brand In Front Of The People Who Are Interested In What You Have To Offer

Every business needs to drive traffic because that is the only way to get attention. No matter what you sell, you would need people to know about it first, before you can win them over. One of the best ways to do this – especially for new businesses – is through Pay per click advertising or PPC. This advertising model helps direct traffic to your website when the advert is placed on a publisher’s website – who already has huge traffic. If you want to do direct response marketing or you’re an online retailer, PPC is the right advertising option for you. Small businesses also need PPC to build brand image and create a psychological construct with a specific audience.

One of the main reasons why PPC campaigns fail is the lack of proper management. At TechSynergy our clients don’t have to worry about that. We have dedicated staff who are highly informed and well-trained; always ready to help you manage your campaigns to ensure success. We also give you advice on the best strategy and approach to use, to make sure that your campaign turns out to make a profit for you. Our PPC advertising is cost-effective, helps you get more audience within a short time, and can be used along with other digital marketing channels.


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